Outline of the
Depatment of Inorganic Materials

The DEPARTMENT OF INORGANIC MATERIALS, Tokyo Institute of Technology has a history longer than 100 years. The department has served as a leader for both academic and industrial societies in ceramic materials and has provided many leading scientists and engineers for subsequent generation. Today, the levels of science and technology of Japan have admittedly become the first class in the world. The most important aim of education in the department is to bring up creative students. For the achievement of this task, broad knowledge on materials as well as various fields of science and engineering are required.

Students who have finished the general education course may be enrolled. The department accepts 35 undergraduate students each year. They learn subjects on basic science and engineering in ceramics in sophomore and junior years. Courses offered are designed to provide students with the solid fundamentals. In the senior year, each student chooses a division for the graduation research work. On completing the undergraduate program, most of the students enter the graduate school of our department and Nagatsuta Campus. The department accepts 21 graduate students of master couse each year. After aquiring M.Eng.degree, majority of them go into industries and play the leading part in various fields. Those who have finished the master course can be admitted to the doctoral program.

The DEPARTMENT OF INORGANIC MATERIALS consists of the 7 divisions having position 22 staffs including 6 full professors.